Living Room – Take One and a Half

Wade and I finally narrowed it down to this green and blue. I can’t decide. I think I may paint them both up there and then see which one I like best. I just seem to love painting don’t I? Anybody have an opinion?

I think we have decided to put up molding in the dining room so only the top half of the walls will be red. The sunroom is still yellow with lots of red in it.

  1. Green; definitely!

  2. They say you are only supposed to use Blue in sedate rooms. It apparently calms people. We have blue in a bedroom and I will say that it is a good fit for there. Not sure what the rules are with Green.

  3. There are rules? Nobody told me about rules.

  4. Yes, my dear, there are rules. Colors encourage and can alter emotions, so you to be selective. Blue is a very calming color, as is green. Red is exciting and stimulating. Rick and I took our chair rail down in the formal dining room because in my opinion, it’s just another dust collector. As you know, I am becoming a “minimalist” as I am approaching the 60 year mark in a few years. If you do put up the moulding in the dining room, do something interesting and classic (like it’s current owners) with the moulding, instead of the boring stuff that usually occurs in the dining room.

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