You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream

Wade and I decided to be social tonight. We drove up to Greenville for ice cream and games at Lindsay’s house. We knew Lindsay and Mandy from church. Everyone else was pretty cool – especially Mandy’s brother. The ice cream was yummy. Wade was silly. The new people were nice. The others wanted to play “Psychiatrist” and made Wade go outside. Then they continued talking about other things. By the time we went to get him, he had walked the neighborhood and met all the neighbors. The game of choice ended up being “Catch Phrase” which we all enjoyed.

There were also a few rounds of freestyle paper, rock, and scissors. Wade and I created this game on a plane ride long ago. The only rule is you can’t be divide-by-zero. Sometimes we have themes, but it is more fun when there is no limit. Most people are hesitant at first. No rules is a little intimidating. They quickly realize the key is to have a good argument about why your thing would beat the other player’s. It doesn’t really matter what you are.

  1. What game is Psychiatrist and why did Wade have to leave?
    By the way… You had me at Ice Cream… You had me at Ice Cream.

  2. Thanks Holly! 😉

  3. Psychiatrist – one person is the psychiatrist and has to leave the room. All the remaining people come up with a problem or something they will all have in common. For example, being on a roller coaster, pretending to be the person to their left, not using a particular word, etc. The psychiatrist can ask questions of anyone and the people answer as if they have the agreed upon problem.
    Most of us had never played. Wade asked one girl all the questions and figured it out quickly. But he kept asking questions till it was no longer funny. I think I might like to see the game played for real instead of Wade’s way.

  4. Okay, the game of “psychiatrist” sound like fun. Especially considering that when we all get together, Wade’s nickname is “Forrest Gump” . . . . I knew there had to be a connection.

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