Let There Be Light

Wade and I decided to tackle another project this weekend – lighting. Both the basement and his shop need quite a bit of work to be what we want. Due to a late start, we decided to do the basement today and save the rest for tomorrow.

This is a picture of the basement before we moved in – it came with the shelves and furniture you see:

With the help of a friend, we moved out all of the old furniture and put in new shelves. You can see I am a packrat and keep a lot of boxes and packing supplies. The only thing that still bothered me about the basement was the lighting. There was a light in the stairway that could be turned on at the top of the stairs. Then there was a light switch on the ceiling as you come down the stairs for the front of the basement. Then there was a pull chain to turn on the light in the back of the basement. I wanted it all on a single switch at the top of stairs. Wade suggested we even add some new lighting. It didn’t take too long and now I have a bright basement. We even took out all of the old wiring – that is nasty stuff.

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