Ready or Not Here We Come

Wade came home from work today wanting to do something. He suggested dinner, a movie, going to Greenville, etc. Evidently I was thinking too slowly because he pulled out his phone and called Kendall and James, our friends in Greenville. He left a message for them saying we were headed their way and taking them out to dinner. They called back and said they were interested which is good because we were already on the interestate. Dinner was at a sushi restaurant in downtown Greenville. I’m sure you are thinking, “Wade ate sushi”? In fact he did. This particular restaurant had some interesting types of sushi – including fried chicken sushi. We all know how Wade likes anything fried. After dinner we tried two ice cream places, which were both closed, before going to the grocery and eating ice cream at their house. A nice random evening.

  1. max aka (intern)

    wasabi?? their vegetable wraps are wonderful! suprised wade ate fish raw though…

  2. Yup – Wasabi. Wade tried a bite of a spicy tuna roll, but everything else he ate was definitely cooked.

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