Yeah for Being at Home

Wade and I slept in this morning – what a luxury. The cruise was awesome, but there were no late mornings and lots of late nights. I spent most of the day unpacking, relaxing with a book in the sun, and cleaning. The good news is Delta called with Wade’s bag. They should be delivering it tonight, but it is close to midnight so I’m not sure if that will happen.

We discovered Madison has fleas. She must be front-line resistant. I put the medicine on every month and she still seems to get fleas once a year – yuck.

Wade and I also picked up paint samples today. My next project is painting the living room. The living room has my yellow sunroom on one side and a soon to be red dining room on the other. We are thinking maybe green or a light yellow. With our track record, it could be a couple of those before we pick the right one!

  1. I vote yellow but of course that is one of my favorite colors

  2. I love green, but it may be a little Christmas-y next to a red room if the colors are very visible from each room. Blue might be a nice choice, but then again, I like the taupe color that I’ve seen in your pictures that it is already painted!

  3. Johnna you and my mom both seem to have that concern with the green. Hmm. One more thing to consider….

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