The Trip Home

Wade and I did get up on time at 3:30 am – ouch! There was a mean man behind the check-in counter. He informed me the self-service checkin screens weren’t for use, but he only accepted boarding passes at his window – you couldn’t check in with him. I walked around the corner to another kiosk and then he was willing to help me – Moron!

We were pleasantly surprised by the lack of line for security at the Juneau airport. We thought all liquids and gels had been removed from our carry-ons, but we later discovered both Wade and Judy had chap-stick and lotion.

All was well until we landed in Atlanta and discovered our bags had not. I guess the airlines have been swamped with all the extra baggage people are checking. There were piles of luggage all over the airport, but we couldn’t find ours. We did wait the couple of hours for the second flight from Seattle in the hopes that our luggage would be on that plane. My two bags were but Wade’s were not. The nice lady at Delta informed me that his would be delivered to our house as soon as it was found.

We stopped for dinner at Waffle House and then went home to see our dog and sleep in our own bed. Good night all.

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