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Alaska – Day Six

Today was spent mostly on the water, which happens to be the perfect place for whale watching. There were about 15 whales near our ship so I decided to get my camera out. With Wade’s help, I did manage some great shots. You can see the whales blowing, breaching, feeding, and diving. They are so magical to watch. There were quite a few calves learning to dive that provided us with quite a laugh.

Before heading back to Juneau, we made a stop at Tracy Arm, another area with awesome glaciers. Before you ever see a glacier, the water becomes this gorgeous clear turquoise. Then you begin to see floating pieces of ice in varying sizes. The glacier was the bluest I have seen, which sadly doesn’t come across in the pictures. It is almost a sapphire blue. The area was very chilly and was spitting rain/snow at us.

I am going to make a supreme effort to be in bed early tonight – as in 10 o’clock early. We have to be up at 3:30 and on a shuttle by 4:15 for the airport for our 6 am flight – ouch.

  1. max aka (intern)

    these photos are awesome!! you guys must have had an absolutely wonderful time!!

  2. It was lots of fun. Next time I want to do some serious hiking though.

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