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Alaska – Day Five

I woke up this morning to realize that cell coverage had returned. I checked in with mom and she told me about the thwarted terrorism attempts in England. What is the world coming to? We have been rather isolated lately and I couldn’t find a newspaper with the story so rumors are flying. I have heard that all international flights have been canceled, that it is recommended to be at airports at least 3 hours in advance of a flight, and that no liquids are allowed on board. I’ll be curious to get to the airport on Saturday and see which of these are fact and fiction. Either way, I am sure this will affect flying for quite a while – joy joy. Random fact: During the last terrorist attacks I was in a cruise in the Pacific Ocean. Maybe it’s me? I think I’ll just stay home.

Sitka is one of the larger cities in Alaska, but that doesn’t really say much. Wade, his parents, and I took a long walk to see the salmon running, but evidently there weren’t as many as the last trip Judy and Jerry took. Instead of a stream solid with fish, we saw mostly stream with a few fish. However, the fish were spawning which was neat to see.

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