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Alaska – Day Two

Wade and I woke up to sunny skies today – our first since arriving in Alaska. Our ship cruised through Glacier Bay State Park today. Wow! Glaciers are awesome. This particular area has seen numerous retreats and advances of glaciers. The coolest glaciers are the tidewater glaciers which come all the way down to the water. The water erodes away at the bottom of the glacier and gravity pushes from the top, which results in calving – huge pieces of the glacier falling off and hitting the water. These huge glacier pieces become icebergs and float in Glacier Bay until they melt. Seals live on the glaciers and can be seen playing and swimming.

We didn’t really celebrate our “real” anniversary, but Judy, Jerry, and Emily had cards for us. After dinner, Wade and I returned to our room to find a plate of chocolate covered strawberries and champagne in our room. The chocolate was even dark chocolate – yum!

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