Drip Drop

I was running through our front yard last week and felt water splash up on the back of my legs. Since it hadn’t rained in weeks, I realized something was wrong (smart aren’t I?). I turned around and saw standing water about 10 feet back from our water meter – uh oh. Then I realized why our water bill has been steadily getting higher.

We called the plumber who took a couple days to get here, but found the small hole and replaced part of the pipe into the house. Before he went down into the basement to do some other work, he happened to look at the meter and realize it was still turning. That means there is another leak between the water meter and our house. He arranged to come back today and replace all of the pipe into our house. That part of the project is done so here’s hoping there are no more leaks. My front yard now has a strip of mud, but at least there is no leaking! I haven’t gotten the bill yet, wonder how much all that is going to cost?

I got the bill – it was half of what I was expecting. The funny thing is the plumber was apologetic about how high it was and that he had to charge me for the first day when he ended up having to replace that part in the end.

  1. We had the same problem recently. When we got the water bill, we knew something was seriously wrong. The water company agreed to reimburse us for like half of the cost of the plumber, plus reduce the water bill by about $75.00. We found out that the line leading into the house from the water source, is polybutylene (sp?). The rest of the house is all copper plumbing. So, we’ll eventually have to replace that line leading to the house because it will happen again.

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