I’m Back!

My laptop arrived back from Sony late yesterday afternoon. However, we were having company for dinner so I didn’t even get it out of the box till this morning. Sony rocks! They fixed and replaced everything for free! Even the damage caused by my dropping it. I got a new fan that isn’t as loud as the one they replaced, a new DVD/CDR drive, and a new faceplate (which includes the power in slot). Anyway, so far so good.

Now to catch you up on all the important things I didn’t blog about.

1.) New people are moving to the area. One of my favorite families to babysit for back in KY has just moved near Anderson. The Kohlers have four kids – two are in college (one at Tech). We went to their house last Sunday for lunch and a swim in their pool. They invited Madison, but I completely forgot to bring her. I would love to see how she does with a pool.

2.) I have finished my current painting project. It took two weekends to complete, but the hall closets are painted yellow and all of the trim in the hall and stairs is now a bright white. That darn trim paint – I spent 12 hours on it one Saturday.

3.) I passed my big test. I won’t officially be a registered agent for another couple months – processing and all, but I’m done with the studying. That test is no fun at all. There are two 3-hour blocks with 50 questions each. During the second half, I realized with two hours left that I had only answered 6 questions. Obviously it all worked out. My dad and Laura even sent me flowers as congratulations.

4.) Our friends from church, Kendall and James, came to dinner last night. They even brought their puppies – Bella and Laney. Madison and Laney got along great. Bella was more excited about Madison’s rawhide bone.

  1. Congrats on the test!

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