Mark Them Off

Wade and I work on projects all the time, but this weekend we reached the “end” stage of quite a few. The upstairs bathroom is now finished! That project started in March, but was put on hold with all of our wedding travel. We are both really excited to finally have it finished. I’m sure our roommate, John, is happy too. (This bathroom is much too small for me to get a good picture.)

When we first moved into the house, we retiled the fireplace in the living room. However, the inside of the fireplace needed to be painted, and Wade finally marked that off of his list.

On my list for a while has been to have a few pages from our sign-in book at the wedding framed – which I finally did. We had four pages framed and hung them in our long hallway.

I mentioned in an earlier post about removing paint from the door hardware. Well now I am polishing the hardware – yuck. The only good thing about this job is I can do it while watching television. (Below are before and after pictures.)

  1. Green is becoming one of my favorite colors and I think your bathroom looks excellent! I love the sink. Couldn’t remember if that was the original or not, but I’m guessing that was something you and Wade added. Looks super!

  2. The sink was not original. Wade and I were shocked to realize we both liked it. I thought it looked old and Wade thought it looked modern.

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