A Neat Little Trick

I have spent a lot of time recently painting trim. My current project is the hallway. I have found the easiest way to paint the doors is to take them off, remove all the hardware, and spread them out in the driveway. Being outside helps the enamel paint to dry significantly faster than if they were inside (plus the fumes aren’t as bad). Once I had the hardware off the doors, I wanted it shined up. The door knobs are no problem – most of them don’t have paint on them. However, most of the hinges are coated with layers of paint. I was searching the internet and found a novel suggestion – cook them in the crockpot over night with a little laundry detergent. It works like a dream! The paint comes off with the touch of a finger. Now all I have to do is shine them up.

  1. Remind me not to eat anything from your crock pot when I visit some day. 😉

  2. You don’t have to worry. It wasn’t new in the box, but I think I had only used it once before. I just don’t cook in it 😉

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