A Typical Holly and Wade Trip

Today started Wade and I’s trip to LA. We have a wedding on Saturday and then are taking a few extra days for vacation. We got up at a normal time and drove to Atlanta to catch our flight. However, when we went to check in our bags, we learned the flight had been delayed about three hours. That was enough time for us to re-park the car in the cheap parking and grab lunch at Chili’s.

The flight was uneventful except that my new DVDs (Roswell – Season 1) won’t play on my laptop. However, I didn’t discover this until we were up in the air. My movie DVDs were packed in my checked luggage. No worries though, I filled my iPod shuffle with music, took a nap, and did some reading.
We arrived in LA and picked up our rental car. I love renting cars. I always pick the cheapest option, which they never have. Meaning I get an upgrade for free. Wade and I are now driving around town in a PT Cruiser with a sunroof.

The typical Wade and Holly part of this trip occurred when we started to get ready for dinner. We had reservations at the Magic Castle, courtesy of Nicholas. However, when Wade started to get dressed, he realized he had his suit jacket, but not the pants. That meant no dinner and a shopping trip instead. Wade still needed clothes for the wedding tomorrow. I think this is how Wade gets new dress clothes, but I’d be fine with him just going shopping in non-rush situations.

We went to 3rd Street Promenade for a little shopping. Wade found new dress pants, a new shirt, and tie. There was also a movie theater so went to see Superman – shockingly a movie we both wanted to see. The movie was good enough. My lingering thought after the movie – Superman looked animated throughout the whole movie. Wade said the post processing was to blame, but he just looked odd.

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