To be Honest or Polite?

Wade and I have really enjoyed serving on the host team at our new church. There is a mix of singles and couples, young and old. One of our favorite couples is Kendall and James – about our age, been married about the same amount of time, moved here from Atlanta, previously attended Buckhead church, and did I mention they are just fun? They invited us to dinner at their house, but we had a bit of trouble finding a date that worked for both of us. Wade and I had all of our weddings, they were out of town, and then my mom was in town. We eventually settled on a night and Kendall said she was going to grill burgers.

Now the sticky part. Do I tell her I don’t eat ground beef or do I just tough it out? Wade’s first suggestion was to say we had just had burgers. With my luck, I figured then she would cook tacos or lasagna. I emailed her back, told her of my odd eating preferences, and offered to bring chicken or a hot dog. She said not to bother and added grilled chicken to the menu. We had a great time! Did I mention they also have a new puppy – an 8 week old lab? Now I remember exactly why I want another puppy!

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