Going, Going, Gone

I had no idea how much mulch to order and did my ordering based on the delivery cost. Twelve cubic yards was the least amount to get the price break on delivery so that is what I ordered. Well that is a ton of mulch! My mom and I worked for four days on the pile. I did most of the shoveling and she did the spreading. Well we finally finished! I have done all the mulching I plan to do. I wasn’t even that far off on how much I needed. There is probably only one cubic yard or so left – go me. Now we just need someone to come take what is left.

This pile of mulch is actually huge, I am just taking the picture from far away. Compare the two pictures by looking at the fence in the back.

In the process of mulching the yard, I got a wheelbarrow! I have always wanted a red one – no idea why I wanted one. This was the perfect time to get one.

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