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Wedding Number Five

Those astute readers may notice that there was no wedding number four. Sadly, we couldn’t logistically make number four. It was yesterday morning in New Jersey – Jim Whitehead should now officially be a husband.

As for wedding number five, Wade and I made it on time – a new personal goal of ours. My friend from Scientific-Atlanta, Tina, was marrying Dave. The ceremony was outdoors with typical Atlanta summer heat. But there was no rain and fans were provided. (It is great to be a girl and wear strapless dresses.) We had a great time and sitting with all of my work friends is always a blast. Did I mention there was a chocolate fountain- yum!

  1. I love the pictures Holly! Thank you SO much for being there!!

  2. We had a great time. If not for our new roomie we would have been there till the end!

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