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The Wedding Festivities Have Begun

Wade and I are in the midst of our marathon of weddings. However, I am only in one wedding – Johnna’s Wedding. Being in a wedding, especially as a girl, requires lots of preparation. It all started Thursday morning when I got my nails done. I promptly messed them up and had to try to fix them.

Today was a fun packed day. Bobbi, Johnna, Jenny, Amy, Heather, and I all met for the Bridesmaid’s Luncheon at B. Russell’s – one of my favorite restaurants. Jenny even brought birthday presents for me!

Then I ran a few errands (and bought a light for our living room) until time for the rehearsal at Immanuel Baptist church and the rehearsal dinner at the Irving Cobb Hotel. The rehearsal was the first chance I have had to spend time with Trina – one of Johnna and Amy’s friends from college. Both of our husbands were supposed to be attend, but were missing. I’m not sure where Kevin was, but Wade was making the long drive from South Carolina to KY with Madison and a trailer.

  1. Did you get that red dress at Ann Taylor? I saw one very similar when I was there yesterday.

  2. I sure did! Mom bought it for me for Easter.

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