Going to the Movies

I think I have finally figured out my movie taste – in part. I recently received Just Friends from Netflix. It pained me to watch the movie. It was supposed to be a romantic comedy, but the comedy part is what I found painful. A young overweight teenager is in love with the popular girl and ends up professing his love in front of the football team. The first thirty minutes of the movie is about him doing embarrassing things and other people laughing and making fun of him. I just don’t find it funny when people are embarrassed or laughed at. It just seems cruel.

As for why I don’t like other movies (the few that I don’t like) – I like movies to have a happy ending. Why would I want to watch something for 2-3 hours and have my favorite characters die or the boy and girl end up apart? Some movies are great until the very end when there is no happy ending.

So my perfect movie? Lots of fighting and blowing things up where the main characters don’t die and the girl and boy end up together. Thank goodness that seems to cover most movies made!

Speaking of movies, if you go see X-men 3 – be sure to stay till the very end of the credits. There is a very cool scene that changes your outlook on the movie.

  1. Don’t go see the Break up Then…it did not end like i wanted it to.

  2. My mom didn’t like it either. I figure I’ll get it eventually on Netflix.

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