My Imaginary Friend Sally

I am writing this post to introduce my imaginary friend Sally. I love that people read my blog but sometimes that makes it difficult to talk about certain events or people. In order to continue writing about anything and everything, I have created Sally who will take on whatever characteristics (male or female) are needed to get my point across.

My first rant about Sally: She walks up to join a conversation and then takes over. The previous conversation is abruptly ended. Instead of creating a new three person conversation it is suddenly a two person conversation with me just listening. Very annoying and very rude!

  1. I hate when people do that! I also hate when someone comes up to your 2 person conversation, interrupts, starts a new one and proceeds to position herself so that you are left standing there like a total idiot b/c you can’t see or hear anything! UGH! Can’t stand Sally! 🙂

  2. I can’t stand Sally either!

  3. I know someone very similar to Sally . . .

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