A Bottle of Water and a Smile

I mentioned yesterday that I was going to have to change hotel rooms. I didn’t think finding a new hotel would be a problem, but I was very very wrong. Evidently May 23rd and 24th are big travel days (I actually have no idea why there were no rooms). I tried three hotels before a nice lady at the Courtyard Marriott called around and found a room for me. I drove to the Country Inn & Suites to check in during our lunch break. The lobby was empty except for the man behind the desk. He began the check out process and made a comment on the bottle of water I was drinking. It has gotten pretty hot in Atlanta and he had a dry throat. I happened to have another bottle so I gave him one. He was a good employee and refused it, but I convinced him to take the bottle. He said thank you and told me he was going to give me a discount. Then he had some trouble assigning me a room. He fixed the problem within 10 minutes but was extremely apologetic (I wasn’t complaining or making him feel bad). When he finally corrected the error, he told me he had given me the second best room in the hotel to make up for the delay. I told him he didn’t have to do that but I really appreciated it. I now have a suite! Aren’t I special?

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