My Day Out

After taking my test yesterday, I decided I needed a day off. Danielle, my next door neighbor, and her two year old daughter, Emma went with me to the Gaffney Outlets. Emma handled the hour drive great – maybe because we played Bambi on the DVD player in my car.

Having Emma around was like bringing our own entertainment. She is this tiny, petite little girl who is extremely lively. She says hello and goodbye to everyone she sees. At one point she was even adding, “Take Care.” She also liked to run up to people and say “This is Holly.” In Ann Taylor, Emma got a little restless. I took her picture and then gave her the camera. I tried to explain about not putting your finger over the lens, but that never quite sunk in. She did manage to get a pretty decent picture of Danielle.

On a side note: I have added two albums to my gallery. Kate’s Wedding is now up and some of my favorite pictures from my Semester At Sea.

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