Bleach Is Not My Friend

This is why I hate laundry. I don’t know how I did it, but I ruined another shirt. My new pink and green polo shirt now has a few extra white dots where it shouldn’t. They are right in the front too so I can’t hide them. I have had trouble with random bleach spots in the past so I make sure to finish all the colored clothes and put them up before I do the whites (with the added bleach). Yet somehow I still end up with the bleach on the colored clothes. If the darn whites weren’t so much brighter with the bleach, I would just say forget it. Ugh – I really liked that shirt.

  1. Holly –
    Did you know that detergent stays in your washing machine after it is finished washing? In other words, you can finish your laundry take it out and put in another load without adding more detergent because so much detergent stays in the washer. Maybe bleach is staying in the washer too. just a thought –

  2. My washer is old so anything is possible. The problem is it only happened to one shirt and it was the second load of the day (out of the three total) so I would think surely any left over bleach would have gotten on something in the first load.
    The good news is I got a new washer for my birthday so I am going to believe that once I pick it out and have it delivered that all my problems will go away. That or maybe I’ll stop wearing white clothes that need bleach.

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