Vroom. Crash. Oops.

Wade had a conference in Atlanta this weekend so I drove to Rockingham, NC to see my dad drag race. I made the three hour trip into a five hour trip and did some shopping after I dropped Madison at the boarding place. I arrived just in time for dinner and dad’s first run of qualifying. The run didn’t go very well, but his new race crew is awesome.

Today was full of alternating rain and sunshine. Dad made one more pass and hit the concrete wall. I had on a crew radio and could hear them asking Billy to respond and only silence answering. It turns out he thought he had answered and then proceeded to get out of the car – thank goodness. The car had quite a bit of damage so it was decided there would be no more runs (if the weather had permitted).
The car had just gotten a brand new paint job, which I talked about here.

This is the front of the car in good condition:

This is the front of the car after the concrete wall:

My dad wasn’t hurt, but he did bruise a rib. Thankfully, I have had one quarter of EMT training. I put that to good use and taped him up with duct tape!

  1. How’s Billy doing now?

  2. He is pretty sore and more mad than anything. He was planning to test his car at the track on Monday and it may be to bent out of shape.

  3. Glad to hear that your dad was not hurt. Tell him good luck for the rest of the season.

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