Book Worm

I have always loved to read – all types of books. I remember during childhood when Mom told me she would no longer buy me books. Evidently I was reading them very quickly and it was getting quite expensive. I didn’t realize how right she was till I did my semester abroad. We were on a boat for a 100 days and I read at least a 100 books. I wasn’t even antisocial. I was on a boat, the school work was easy, and there was a pool to read by. I took a bunch of books with me, traded with friends, and even found the ship library (very tiny). In the end, I was forced to buy books when we were in port. Buying English books in non-English countries is possible, but expensive. When I totaled up how much I spent on books in comparison to souvenirs at the end of the trip, I decided I would never again buy books. And I haven’t!

I get books from friends and family. My mom and sister are both avid readers and we all enjoy similar books. When my mom moved, she found a couple boxes of paperbacks. I took the books to a used bookstore and have been working off the credit for almost a year now. This bookstore lets you trade back in the books you have read so I can always get books when I visit home.

What about the library you ask? I actually always meant to get a library card in DC and then in Atlanta, but I never did. I had plenty of books to read. Last night I finally got one in Anderson. Wade wanted a library card so we stopped by. I also picked up a book and had finished it by this afternoon.

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