Blah Blah, Woof Woof

Remember those box DVD sets I talked about buying with my 30% off coupon at Border’s? Well one of those was the first season of Dark Angel, which I am currently watching. I decided to adopt one of the episode titles for my blog entry title.

There has been lots going on lately. Luke is almost done refinishing the floors upstairs. They should be ready for furniture by Saturday – thank goodness. Our new furniture arrived yesterday – I love it. I took cough medicine before bed last night – and slept the whole night through. I have finished with the yellow paint in the sunroom – just the trim left to paint. I finished painting the front door – now we have a door knob again – no more screw driver to open the door. I have finished painting one side of all the upstairs doors – boo to oil-based paint. Madison escaped again – she dug another hole. I took a walk with my next door neighbor – yeah for new friends. I met Jamie for a b-day dinner – yeah for old friends. Now the big question – will everything on my list get done by Monday afternoon when mom arrives?

  1. Moms don’t care if it is all done. In fact moms even help get it done.

  2. You say that, but I bet you are expecting a bed when you get here, right?

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