Home Sweet Home

I arrived home this evening without any problems – thank goodness. The bad part is I brought a sore throat with me. I don’t get sick – ever, but in the last three weeks I have been sick twice. And this is definitely a period in my life when I am getting enough sleep and not very stressed. I have had more OJ and ice cream today than in the last month.

But on to better things…

Wade and I had a date tonight. He offered dinner, but I wasn’t sure I could eat anything. Instead we went to see a movie – Failure to Launch. It was a good two hours and I think we both liked the movie – a rarity for us.

In other exciting news, there was a Borders across the street from my hotel in San Jose. I was rather excited about this because there isn’t one in Anderson. I had a 30% off coupon that was going to expire 3/28 and had given up hopes of using it. Instead, the nice man behind the counter let me use it on two items. Evidently he was trying to restock the DVD cabinet and by buying DVD box sets I was helping.

  1. Feel better. Sorry you keep getting sick kiddo. Your memory stick has arrived! Wish I could get a memory stick that would just assist me on day-to-day lapses of memory loss! Have a good weekend Holly. Are you coming in next week?

  2. I’m coming in on Tuesday so I can come to Tina’s good-bye lunch. And now I get to pick up a new toy while I am there! See you soon.

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