The Search for the Perfect Rolo

I think it is a well known fact that I love chocolate – all chocolate – with the exception of white chocolate. I love very chewy chocolate carmel candies – like Milk Duds and turtles. My current favorite candy is Rolos, but Rolos can vary from the very chewy to the very gooey. I buy two rolls every time we are in a gas station or the grocery store always hoping to find the perfect Rolo that is super chewy.

My research has led to a few discoveries: Putting Rolos in the fridge makes them chewier. The individual wrapped ones in the big bags are chewier than the ones you get at the checkout line.

  1. has wade tried to blow one up yet?

  2. Not yet – I eat them too fast!

  3. I like Rolos but am ready for a new entry. Mother to Holly Come in Holly with an update

  4. I agree with Mom!

  5. I’m going to blame the lack of posting on the upcoming visit of my mom. There is lots to do before she comes. I’ll post some pictures of what we got done.

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