A New Church for Wade and Holly

Last summer, Wade and I finally found a church we really liked – Buckhead Church, a satellite church of North Point. I had been a few times, but never thought Wade would enjoy the extremely contemporary atmosphere. We walked out our first Sunday and Wade couldn’t stop talking about how great it was. The only bad part of this is we realized shortly thereafter that we would be leaving the area. On our last Sunday at Buckhead Church, I ran into an old friend from Tech who happened to be on staff. She told me a strategic partner church was opening up in Greenville. Wade and I couldn’t have been more excited. Wade immediately emailed the people and we attended our first meeting tonight. This is awesome. It’s a small group, which should make it easier to get involved with, but has the same feeling as Buckhead Church. Now we just have to wait till the first service on April 16th.

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