Anderson – the New Hot Spot

Before Wade got his internship with Ryobi, I had never heard of Anderson, SC. It’s not a large city. The population is probably about 40,000. All of a sudden, Anderson is the place to be. My mom called to tell me that a Paducah family I know is moving to Anderson. Wade’s Aunt and Uncle are moving to Greenville (20 minutes away).

Then I got a call on Friday from Gloria Kohler. I babysat for the Kohler family for years growing up and they were definitely one of my favorite families. They have four children – Kelly, Rusty, Andrew, and Becky. When I was in high school, they moved to Florida. Rusty chose GaTech as his college so I have seen him a few times in the last couple of years. It turns out Jim has gotten a job in Piedmont, SC and the family is moving to Anderson. Who knew that I would move here knowing no one and people I know would move to town?

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