The Welcome Wagon Lady

When Wade and I first closed on our house, we got a call from the Welcome Wagon Lady. She had gotten our names from the realtor and wanted to come by. She brought a big packet of information (some of it actually helpful) and quite a few restaurant coupons (which we have already used). Well a couple of days ago, a girl about my age knocked on my door with a plate of brownies. She had recently moved to the neighborhood and the welcome wagon lady had told her that we were moving in. Danielle was excited to have someone close to her age only a couple of houses away and I was excited to meet her too. She has a two year old daughter and is a stay at home mom. Her husband works at a car dealership. Anyway, we agreed to have dinner in the future and she went home. Today I was taking Madison for a walk and ran into her. We took a walk together and had a good time. Her daughter is adorable and she has a Corgi, which Wade loves. I lived in Atlanta for two years and never met any of my neighbors. I met Danielle without even leaving the house!

  1. hey we were kind of neighbors

  2. Yes we were. We even took walks together too. However, there was definitely no welcome wagon lady. And we knew each other before you moved nearby…

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