Moving In

Today I hid out upstairs. The movers are really nice guys but I have been with them for two days straight. I took Madison, my book, and my Buffy DVDs, and tucked away in the upstairs bedroom. Talk about being a lump on a log!

Almost no room in the house can be completely put right. My sunroom is painted but we have no furniture for it. The dining room is okay but we don’t have a table. The living room is going to be repainted. We aren’t putting anything upstairs because we are going to rip up the carpet, refinish the hardwood floors, and remodel a bedroom and bathroom. This means that most of the boxes are just somewhere, which makes even a little unpacking difficult. Oh well, it’s a treasure hunt every time you look for a box!

The sunroom was initially a canary yellow – much too bright. After my oops incident, we needed to buy more paint for the second coat. We got a more “gold” color, but it is still not quite right. What we really want is the color you see in the “Oops Paint” post below (which is not what the walls looked like in real life). We are debating about trying another coat now or just living with it for a while.

  1. hey–if it makes you feel better—i have a whole upstairs that i have yet to decorate

  2. That does make me feel better. I hate this in-between when nothing is finished and so much is in the “waiting” stage.

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