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I Went Shopping in Jamie’s Closet

I met Jamie my Sophomore year, her freshman year, at Tech (at least I think it was then). Anyway, somewhere along the way we moved in together. What a shock when we realized so many of the clothes in our closets were identical. We are close to the same size, and obviously had the same taste, so it was a lot of fun sharing clothes over the years. Then we went on Semester At Sea and shopped our way around the world.

Jamie recently bought a townhouse on the far side of Atlanta from me. Due to the distance, and our crazy schedules, I haven’t seen her new place since she got it filled with furniture. I went over tonight to see her house, hang out a little, and have dinner with Daniel. As I was going through her closet, I found a whole section of clothes she was giving away. I found a great red sweater and had to laugh when she said she bought it when she was in the 8th grade. Oh well, it’s new for me!

  1. What do I really need my own blog for when I have Holly to tell my life story for me. ;o)

  2. Want me to talk about you and boys? That might make for some interesting reading. I’m married now and much more boring.

  3. Oh no you can’t do that….then they might find out about each other. ;o)

  4. Exactly! That would be very entertaining for the rest of us!

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