Waffle House Idiosyncrasies

I thought all Waffle Houses were the same. Every single one I have been to has my cheese eggs, grits, and raisin toast. Not to mention the best orange juice. I know it is Minute Maid brand, but the stuff I make at home isn’t as good. I always order a large and take with me what I don’t finish.

Wade and I have eaten there quite a bit recently, especially when we are in Anderson and don’t have a kitchen. We met up for dinner tonight in Commerce, GA (halfway between Atlanta and Anderson). Being Valentine’s Day, most restaurants were booked for hours. We decided on Waffle House, which was nice and easy. I strayed from my normal meal and wanted to order the chocolate chip waffle, which I have had only twice before. I had my glass of milk before the waitress told me they don’t have chocolate chip waffles. Not all Waffle Houses serve the same stuff! What is up with that?

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