To Tip or Not to Tip?

I hate the whole concept of tipping (and negotiating for that matter). I would much rather someone up the price by a couple dollars and that be that. Everyone gets the restaurant tipping – that one is easy. But what about all those iffy places and situations? Like when you get your hair cut? I go to the cheap places. I never have the same person twice. Why do I need to tip them? I can’t even tell if they have done a good job till I get home. Or how about delivery men? Not FedEx or UPS, but sofa deliveries and flower deliveries? Are you supposed to tip the AAA man? What about the people who put together your to-go order at a restaurant? Waffle House adds a tip into your order total and if Waffle House thinks you should….

Or how about when you get your car washed? I am rather particular so I normally wash my own car. However, in a few instances I have gone to a professional car wash. Today I was charged $28, which seems like a lot to me. Then when I go to get in my car, I swear the woman got mad that I didn’t tip her. Maybe I should, but I felt like I had already paid enough for my clean car. Especially when I looked in the backseat and still saw Madison paw prints on the leather seats.

So, suggestions anyone? When are you supposed to tip? And how do you know?!?!

  1. I always struggle with this too! Restaurants don’t give me problems, except for Sonic and other drive-in places. I have heard you should tip, but clearly 15-20% is excessive, so if I get coin change back that is 75¢ or more, I tell them to keep it. Otherwise, I tip $1, but if my meal is only $3, that’s a 33% tip!!! Same with food I pick up at Applebee’s (I always give a $1.)
    Car washes, I do NOT tip; they are too expensive anyway. I always go to the same person for hair, but only 2 or 3 times a year, so I tip 15-20%. I always tip the girl who does my nails; if the charge is $25, I give her $30. If the charge is $15, I give her $18.
    For delivery people (flowers, furniture, etc.), I never tip. I get those types of deliveries so infrequently, I figure who cares…they get paid and I probably will never see them again so….
    What about tipping for wedding services? Any advice? Caterer? (She charges an 18% service fee.) The limo? (Same fee applies.) Is it necessary to tip these people? What about the DJ? Photographer? (Don’t get me started on how over-priced they are!)

  2. Oh yes, the wedding. That brought up all kinds of tipping dilemmas – that I didn’t deal with. Those that took care of it for me say they only tipped for exceptional service. Anyone with a built in fee didn’t get a tip. In my case, only the singers, lady who addressed my invitations, the organist, and the caterer got a tip. However, mom says the caterer did all kinds of extras such as picking up the napkins (beats me from where).
    What about massages, facials, etc? I always feel like I should tip, but it never seems appropriate. The person gives you your massage, leaves you to get dressed, and you never see them again.

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