Annoying Saleswoman

I am going to be in my friend Johnna’s wedding this summer. She has picked out the bridesmaid dresses and asked us to call in our measurements so the dresses could be ordered. Determining dress size from measurements is always a tricky thing and rarely works out quite right. I had the grand idea of finding a store in Atlanta with the dress and simply trying it on to find the right size. I called around to a few places and found one or two with the dress.

One place I called didn’t answer and sent me straight to voicemail. I didn’t leave a message and didn’t call back. However, the woman evidently has caller ID and called me back at work. I was a little annoyed by this. If I had wanted to talk to her I would have left a message. Oh well, I told her I wasn’t looking to buy the dress, just try it on. She proceeded to lecture me and ask me all kinds of questions. I just wanted off the phone. I finally ended the conversation and thought that would be the end of it. Wrong! For the past week, this woman has been calling and leaving messages on my phone. I get two messages a day from this nut job. Geez! You’d think at some point she would get the hint.

  1. haha. you called someone a nutjob.

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