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It’s Official

Wade and I are homeowners. We had to make a last minute wire transfer, set up an escrow account for some unfinished repairs, and the house was ours. We got the keys and immediately started our projects. The first was ripping the carpet out of the downstairs bedroom. The rest of the weekend we sanded the front door, patched holes in the walls, chipped the tile from the fireplace, scraped the sunroom ceiling, and scraped the sunroom walls.

Madison wasn’t too sure about all of the remodeling. She would run and hide and then sit peeping around the corner checking on us. She did love the backyard and the dog on the other side of the fence.

I had a first encounter with a neighbor. We had a full driveway of cars so I parked on the street (due to the realtors, Wade’s car, and mine). When I got back from the closing, there was a typed note telling me not to park in the street. Of course, the note begins with “Not to be a bad neighbor, but…” You’d think she would at least introduce herself to me first or wait to see if it ever happened again. Geez.

  1. isn’t she a land owner, not a street owner

  2. Evidently she thinks she is the street queen.

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