My Night of Vampires

I left work a little early today in order to prepare for my night of vampires (Buffy, Bloodrayne, and Underworld). Steven (my Buffy provider) had wanted to watch the last two episodes of Buffy Season 2 with me so we planned to watch them tonight before the other movies. Because the movie theater (Stonecrest, which is in the middle of nowhere out I-20 East) was so far away and it was traffic time in Atlanta, we decided to take my laptop and the Buffy DVDs with us. We plugged my laptop up to Steven’s car stereo and he listened and glanced occasionally while I watched (yes, we were in the slow lane).

We got to Stonecrest and had just ordered dinner at Johnny Rocket’s when Josh arrived. He was coming from up 400 and made excellent time. So we all ate and chatted and then began the movie portion of our evening. We chose Stonecrest because they were the only place still showing Bloodrayne. The movie was only released a couple of weeks ago so I immediately knew this must be a winner, but who am I to turn down a vampire movie? I actually enjoyed it. I might have laughed more than anything, but it was entertaining. The funniest part was a random love (there was no love, sex I should say) scene in the middle of the movie. It came out of nowhere.

The next movie was Underworld: Evolution, which I was very excited about. I had wanted a sequel ever since I saw the original. I wasn’t disappointed. There were lichans and vampires and fighting and shooting – definitely my kind of movie. They killed one of the good guys but he came back to life as he should. I would love a count of spoken lines in the movie. I think Scott Speedman probably had to memorize all of 20 words.

Steven and I got back to my place, finished up the last part of Season 2 of Buffy, and that was my night of Vampires. I got into bed around 1:30 am and was very glad to have the company of my vicious guard dog who was comatose beside me on the bed.

  1. If you ever want to try a different route to get your vampire fix, there is ‘Hellsing’…a relatively short anime series (13 episodes). I have only had time to get through about half of them so far, but the plot is fairly interesting. In short, there is an agency in Britain (called the Hellsing Agency) whose job is to deal with vampires. They employ a powerful vampire to help them with their work and he, in turn, sires a young police woman in the first episode. The rest of the series seems to be about the young woman’s adventures in the agency and the bad guys they face. Basically, it sounds right up your alley. They even give the young woman a huge honkin’ gun that fires ginormous bullets.
    You can quite easily acquire the series by the judicious use of your favorite file sharing program, but you might have to deal with subtitles.

  2. The only problem with that is that I have yet to find any anime that I like. Not to mention my list of tv show addictions is a mile long already. But I will keep that in the back of my mind for days to come.

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