A Big Screen and a Bunch of Fighting

I think everyone knows I have “interesting” taste in movies. Most people would call my favorites bad movies. But I know a few of you appreciate The Best of the Best, American Ninja, the real Gladiator, etc. right along with me. Brad gave me a Christmas present when he came over for Wade’s birthday last Saturday. It was a movie called Ong Bak: The Thai Warrior, which I somehow had never heard of. Then he and Ryan invited us over to watch it on their new HUGE tv. Wade wasn’t too sure about the movie (he doesn’t share my love of “interesting” movies). We all loved it. The best movie ever! The movie was in Thai with English subtitles, but that guy can fight. I’ve never seen anyone use his elbows and knees so much to take people down. Great movie! I’m betting Jason Phinney, if he hasn’t already seen it, would love it!

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