I am sitting at my desk eating sushi for lunch. Wade doesn’t like it so I rarely get it at a restaurant. However, I remember the good old days of DC. There was a Chinese restaurant across from my work that had an all you can eat sushi buffet at lunch time. Yum! Restaurant sushi is much better than grocery store sushi (which is what i am currently eating). I wonder what about it I like so much? I think it is the rice – sticky Japanese rice. What I don’t like is cucumbers. California rolls all seem to have lots of cucumbers. I don’t remember those from my DC restaurant, but maybe I just liked cucumbers back then.

  1. Alas, I, too, miss those heady days of yore!
    I remember that you would always sit at the table in whatever position which gave you the best vantage point of the sushi bar. You would keep an eye out for when the wait staff would restock the bar and when that occurred, you would immediately get up and make a rush for the food. In your haste, you would often depart in the middle of a converstaion and leave the rest of your dinner party at a loss for words.
    Yes, it took some getting used to, but damn was the sushi worth it!

  2. I also remember the time I was wearing a pristine white shirt and you managed to get sweet and sour sauce on me from across the table!

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