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Birthday Bash

Wade’s birthday is next Tuesday, so we did most of our celebrating this weekend. Melissa and Chris got in late last night and we all slept late today. After maple bran muffins (yummy) for breakfast, Melissa and I headed up to the Mall of Georgia. Wade had just gotten up and Chris had just gone back to bed. Liss and I had a full day of shopping, but we got back in time for present opening and a quick nap.
Wade told me exactly what he wanted and I tried to get it right. We had 12 people meet us for dinner at Corky’s (a Wade approved BBQ restaurant). We had Melissa, Chris, Josh, Jamie, Grant, Paddy, Ryan, his girl, Brad, Steven, Wade, and myself – what a crowd. Grant kept insisting there would be some making out with Jamie before the main course, but he’s just a lot of talk.

The next stop was laser tag. We were there a little early so we proceeded to play air hockey (I won my game!). I’d love to have an air hockey table some day – what a fun game!

It turns out that there is an “Iron man” laser tag competition at 10, which means you get to play for a full 30 minutes. We had a blast! Wade was the overall top scorer, so he got a free game. I guess we’ll have to go back one more time at least before we move.

Then it was back to our house for cake. On the drive home from Thanksgiving, I had asked Wade what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday. He got creative and described the perfect cake, which I tried to provide. He wanted a Baskin Robbins strawberry ice cream cake with clown cones on top (which weren’t supposed to have any icing). The candles were supposed to be a number “2” and a number “7” surrounded by 25 regular candles. Then he wanted ice cream cookies- with oatmeal cookies on either side of some vanilla ice cream. I couldn’t find those, so we ended up with round ice cream sandwiches. The guys working at Baskin Robbins got a huge kick out of my order.

The rest of the night was spent just hanging out and talking or playing Wade’s new Gamecube game – Mario Strikers. Steven also came through and brought Wade’s new favorite drink – Orangina. (Which can only be found at one Kroger – the one near Steven’s).

  1. You should send me these pictures. I had forgotten all about laser tag.

  2. Pictures coming up!

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