Freaky Coincidence

For Christmas I got gift money to J. Crew, one of my favorite stores. I noticed that they were having a sale online so I ordered a couple pairs of jeans. Imagine my surprise when I received not only the jeans but also a dress in the mail. The dress was not listed on the packing slip or on my bill. The crazy part is the dress is one I have admired for two years and not been able to convince myself to buy. To top it off, it was my size. How weird is that?

  1. Awesome! It was meant to be! 🙂 (You should have put a pic of the dress on here!)

  2. Good idea! Now you can see the dress. The one I got was actually cream in color.

  3. If it had been in blue I could have borrowed it. I do like that dress. I might have to check it out and buy it for real.

  4. Now that I know what size I need, I am planning on buying it in either the blue or a raspberry color. I just don’t like the cream. I just haven’t decided if I am going to tell J. Crew about their mistake or not….

  5. someone got you a present – anyone you know at jcrew maybe?

  6. What a cute dress! Raspberry would be really pretty! Did you ever think that you’d get so many comments on a post about a dress!? 🙂

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