Last Minute Wedding

I got a call last Tuesday from Kate, my best friend from high school. She called to tell me that she and Scott (the guy she has been dating for over a year) had decided to get married – this coming Sunday. Talk about a quick wedding – but that’s just like Kate!

The wedding was going to be in Destin, which is only about a 5.5 hour drive for us. Wade and I decided we definitely wanted to be there. I offered to help Kate in any way I could and she asked Wade to be the wedding photographer. Then she called back and said they’d decided to have a wedding party and would I be her matron-of-honor. Of course I said yes! She said to just wear whatever I had (this is when I realized Destin weather was really nice in Jaunary). I decided on the dress I wore in my sister’s wedding and had my mom overnight it to me. My dad’s company has a condo in Destin so we had the key overnighted to us for that too.

Kate and Scott’s wedding was outside in a small park gazebo that was all decorated with lights for Christmas. It was a small wedding, but all of their family was there. The reception was at their house, which has just undergone some major renovation. I couldn’t believe how great it looked! Their daughter, Taylor, was just adorable and a really good sport.

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