King Kong

Finally, the long weekend is here! I can’t really complain, I didn’t go to work on Friday. Wade and I took the day off to look at houses. Daniel drove over from Huntsville and got in just in time for dinner. The three of us realized we hadn’t seen King Kong and decided to go to the 10 o’clock showing. That might not have been the smartest move – it is a three hour movie. We didn’t crawl into bed till about 2 am.

The movie was pretty good. I am curious now to see the original. I loved the dinosaur/gorilla fight scene. In what other movie would you see that? I was also impressed with the range of emotion that was displayed by a non-talking gorilla. However, the movie seemed to have an overabundance of long looks and huge, creepy, crawly bugs. Did I mention the island natives were a little freaky?

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