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High School Friends

I had two days of work and Wade had two days of errands – then we headed to Paducah for the holidays. Our car was packed full! We spent Thursday hanging out with Mom and taking care of details. Madison loves having a new yard where she hasn’t scared off all the birds and squirrels.

Friday night, Wade and I joined his family for dinner and then I left to see my high school friends – Johnna, Jenny, and Amy. We get together once during Christmas and for any other occasion when we are all in town – weddings have been the reasons lately. Johnna has her own place in town so we always meet at her house. We got her fiance to take the picture before he left.

Below are the girls holding my gifts to them and wearing the bows I tied on their packages. They are Amy, Johnna, and Jenny from left to right. It turns out Jenny and Johnna are avid readers of my blog – thanks girls!!

  1. Wow! We have our own blog! I meant to drop off Deception Point, but didn’t have a chance. Mom found it immediately when I called her. I will do my best to mail it to you, but you know how I am with mail!
    Glad we could get together again for Christmas!

  2. I’ll read Deception Point whenever you get it to me. I have a pile of books sitting in my office right now so no rush. I’m glad I got to spend a few minutes talking to Nick – he seems very nice!

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