Papaw’s Joke

The holidays tend to bring back lots of memories, especially those of loved ones no longer with us. As I was looking through some pictures, I found one of my papaw and remembered a joke he always told. Our family still gets a good laugh out of it.

A young man has just started dating a young woman. The young woman’s mother has invited him to dinner and he is rather anxious. The young woman has told him her mother is slightly hard of hearing.

During the meal, the mother asks the young man, “Would you like any more potatoes?”
The young man responds, “No thank you. I have dined sufficient.”
The mother says, “You say you went fishing?”
The young man replies, “I said I’ve had plenty.”
The mother asks, “And you caught twenty?”
The young man shakes his head and says, “The poor old sole.”
The mother sighs, “And you broke your pole?”

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