Holly / Toadfrogs

Here and There and Back Again

My week in DC was mostly good. The bad part was having class for 10 hours 6 days in a row. The material was presented really well, but that is a lot of time to stay focused. I did meet two nice girls – Kadie and Lisa. I still have a lot of studying to do before I take the patent bar. I’m hoping for late January or early February.

My evenings were spent with friends and family. I stayed with my Aunt and Uncle, who were only two miles from my class. I got to see my little cousins twice, and even read bedtime stories one night. I also had dinner plans every night during the week. One night with German, one night with Rob and Sarah, and one night with the old dinner crew. Matt cooked brisket and I got to see his new place, Trassie, Katie, Dave and his girlfriend.

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