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Valley Club Reunion

I can’t believe it’s been nine years since my summer of the Governor Scholar’s Program. Five weeks on a college campus with 349 other students. I had a blast! There were six of us – Dave, Shawn, Edie, Allison, Travis, and me – who did everything together. We hung out in a small valley – hence the name the Valley Club. Don’t we look young?

Over the years we have stayed in touch, at least mostly. I believe this was during our senior year of high school – we met up at the college campus for a small reunion. Sadly Dave and Shawn couldn’t make it.

I got an email last week telling me that Travis, his wife Emilie, and his new daughter Melilla were coming to town. I only got to see them for a little while tonight, but it was so much fun. I love reminiscing about the “good old days.”

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