Wade / Toadfrogs

Equal Pay for Equal Play

Sunday morning came a little early. Wade and I thought we were rushing to meet German for lunch only to find that we had an extra hour. Thank goodness for Daylight Savings. Now that we had a little extra time, Wade wanted to head into DC to have a picture taken on the Supreme Court steps. The security guard at the bottom of the steps didn’t like the fact that Wade had a sign so he had to be “off” the steps and stand at the bottom.

Then we rushed to meet German. First we appreciated all of his new toys – a new hybrid Civic, LCD, iPod, laptop, GPS, and a Bose System. I want new toys! Then, we had lunch at Chipotle and barely made it back to my Aunt’s house in time to leave for the airport. In our rush to get to the airport, we didn’t have time to carefully pack Simon. I’ll pack it up when I go back for my class in December. Wade and I both made our flights – barely.

Steven picked me up from the airport and took me to get Madison. That was one hyper dog! She was jumping and whining. It’s nice to be missed. She rode in my lap the whole way home and is now curled up asleep at my feet chewing on her new bone from Wade’s parents.

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