So Many Books

I have finally decided that I will never make it through my class if I continue reading books at the rate of a couple a week. There is a used bookstore in Paducah that I love to visit whenever I am home. I am still getting books off of trade-ins (courtesy of my mom moving and cleaning out her library). I tend to find an author I like and read everything they have in print. Most of the time this works out great.

There is always an exception, and that author is Fern Michaels. I read one of her newer books “Late Bloomer” and really enjoyed it. However, most of her older books I don’t like at all. The bad thing about me is once I start something I always try to finish it. I decided now would be a great time to finish up her Vegas trilogy. I can read while I work out or have a few spare minutes, but I definitely won’t be reading when I should be studying. It’s more of a chore to finish these.

My biggest pet peeve is her characters are inconsistent. In one book you have a couple that love each other and all is going great (yes these are romances). In the next book he is off having an affair and she has always known he wasn’t faithful. It seems to me the author should have alluded to that a little earlier instead of making me like the character and then turning him into a jerk, with no warning!

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